The business of being an author

October 18, 2020

There’s more to this gig than just writing.

What does it take to become an author? It’s more than coming up with a great idea for a story and then sitting down for days / weeks / months / years and getting that story written.

The more I delve into this business, the more I realise that it really is a team effort – even if you self publish and do most of the work. Your team is the writing community.

If you are out there trying to work out this business, wanting to know the best ways to market your book, how to use all the tools on Scrivener, how to find a Goodreads librarian or even how to fix a character that is misbehaving in your story, then go and get amongst the writing community – either on social media or in a real life.

I have found the writing community to be very welcoming to all of us ‘newbies’ and happy to offer advice.

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