Attention Romance Writers

July 23, 2020

Even if you are just starting out as a writer, like I am, I’d encourage you to check out writing competitions with Romance Writers of Australia.

It was through entering the Sweet Treats competition in January 2020 that I had the first news that my short story was going to be included in their annual anthology! All of their competitions come with feedback, which is so vital in improving.

This gave me the encouragement I needed to take a few bigger steps with my writing, and before I knew it I had stories in three different anthologies, all published within weeks of each other. Such a surprise, not to mention motivation to keep going with my writing.

Not only that, being a part of RWA is how I found ‘my tribe’. A group of writers all at a similar stage to me, who now meet (online) once a week to critique each others work. Though this group I have not only grown immensely as a writer, but we are working on producing our our anthology too, to be released in 2021.

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