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Finding your people

September 11, 2022

I had been wanting to be a writer for so long, yet I didn’t know what sort of writer I was. I’d joined a number of writing groups over the years and tried my hand at writing in a few different genres. A bit of crime, some young adult, even…


March 18, 2022
woman typing on laptop

After years of writing short stories (and that includes my time working as a journalist), I have spent several months working on a longer story. A full-length novel. To help me get through it I first completed the Novel Writing Essentials course, then the six-month Write Your Novel course, both…

Finding the competition

March 28, 2021

I was thrilled to be longlisted for the Adaptable program through Queensland Writers Centre this year. And while I didn’t make it to the shortlist, I still feel like I have won. Why? Because the story that made it to the shortlist, The Handyman, has had a heck of a…

The business of being an author

October 18, 2020
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There’s more to this gig than just writing. What does it take to become an author? It’s more than coming up with a great idea for a story and then sitting down for days / weeks / months / years and getting that story written. The more I delve into…

Writing as a career

August 31, 2020
close up photo of gray typewriter

A change is as good as a …. new career. I have actually been writing as a job for over a decade. It’s funny to look back at now, but I could have been doing it for many more years (and even decades) if I had followed career advice I…

Attention Romance Writers

July 23, 2020

Even if you are just starting out as a writer, like I am, I’d encourage you to check out writing competitions with Romance Writers of Australia. It was through entering the Sweet Treats competition in January 2020 that I had the first news that my short story was going to be…